Crosshelmet X1

Crosshelmet X1

Crosshelmet X1

The CrossHelmet comes with a smartphone app available on iOS and Android that provides access to the helmet’s many features, such as Group Talk, where you can seamlessly connect to and speak with multiple riders in your group. This extends to include members without a CrossHelmet as long as they have some sort of Bluetooth communication device.What is uniquely different about the CrossHelmet is its patented noise control system.

They call it CrossSound Control, and it’s designed to reduce or enhance environmental sounds, depending on the rider’s needs via the app. It uses a special algorithmic system they claim will filter out road, engine, and wind noise while allowing noises such as screeching brakes or emergency sirens for rider safety. This technology is new to the motorcycle industry, with the only other manufacturer currently playing with the idea being SENA with their Momentum INCTM Pro (Intelligent Noise-Control) helmet. More on the new SENA helmets is here. It will certainly be interesting to see how this technology develops.

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