Argon Transform Smart Helmet Kit

Argon Transform Smart Helmet Kit

Argon Transform Smart Helmet Kit
The Argon Transform sticks two main IP65-rated modules to your lid with high-strength, removable 3M adhesives: a chunky rear unit that houses a big ol' eight-hour battery and rear-facing camera, and a bit that attaches to your chin piece to provide a heads-up display you can glance at without having to dip your head. That HUD can be set into different modes, one is a rear-view camera with a direct low-latency live feed from the rear camera. Another is more of a dashboard, focusing on a big speedo figure, with navigation prompts, GPS-derived speed limits, and media/call information central, and the last is a navigation-focused view with a live map display. All modes show your speed and nav prompts, they're just more prominent in some than in others. This is attached via a wired connection back to the back unit, so there's never a connectivity issue between the two modules. The front unit's got a camera built-in too, which can be used either as a dashcam or an action cam, recording in 1080p/30 or 720p/60 to a MicroSD card with looping functionality in case you want to throw out all your footage except the bits you choose to mark. Controls move off the helmet to a wireless control unit you can clip onto your handlebars. The front and rear units weigh around 150 g (5.3 oz) each, so they balance each other out and don't add a deal-breaking amount of weight to your helmet. As for the look? Well, it's a tad bulky – but then, in comparison to other smart helmet solutions, you're still getting to wear the helmet you like and feel comfortable with. And you do get to witness close-up the full range of emotions your passengers go through, even if they're more likely to headbutt you as a result of the rear protrusion. ➦ 100% brand new and top quality ➦ This can provide for longer rides between charges and outdoor use. ➦ It operates even in remote areas where the cellular network is weak. ➦ The adapter works by connecting to your mobile device over Bluetooth.

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